By planning, building and setting up the RIVA hotel, Birgit and Peter Kolb have fulfilled their personal dream and are now looking forward to sharing this dream with others. After all, even the most beautiful of settings must be filled with content, life, and stories. Here people can give themselves over to nature or explore the city. They can open themselves up or just completely withdraw, whatever they choose.




The wellbeing and health of our guests and
our employees are our highest priority.
Because of the current situation our
Hotel and all Restaurants, aswell as the RIVA Bar & Lounge
are closed until April 20th, 2020.


Stay safe and we hope to see you very soon at the RIVA!
Your RIVA-Team



Expansion of hotel RIVA

The RIVA now and in the future –

The expansion of our facilities has begun


Expansion of hotel RIVA